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Transport Phenomena and
in Small Complex Systems

December 11-15, 2023, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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  About the Meeting

We are pleased to welcome you to the Transport Phenomena and Fluctuations in Small Complex Systems at the University of General Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This workshop brings together renowned international and national scientists from different areas such as Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Biology to address and discuss novel aspects of transport phenomena and the role of fluctuations in systems ranging from the micro to the nanoscale.

The meeting will cover different topics as:

    - Statistical physics.
    - Transport phenomena in soft and active matter systems.
    - Biophysics.
    - Transport phenomena in confined complex fluids.
    - Thermal transport in small scale systems.
    - Interface phenomena.
    - Technologucal applications in these topics.

This meeting brings together participants from leading international laboratories to discuss non-equilibrium and stochastic effects in small systems. Combining experts on experiments, simulations, and theory we are looking forward to another stimulating meeting in the amazing Buenos Aires city.

We hope you will enjoy the program of this meeting and have a pleasant stay in Argentina.

                                     Our speakers                                                                      Lunchs, coffees and posters

  Venue and Schedule

    - From monday to wednesday in the Centro Cultural de la Ciencia (Godoy Cruz 2270, Buenos Aires), since 9:30hs to 17:30hs.
    - Thursday and friday in the Campus UNGS (Juan María Gutierrez 1150, Los Polvorines) since 10hs to 18hs.



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