Transport Phenomena and
in Small Complex Systems

December 11-15, 2023, Buenos Aires, Argentina


   Thursday and friday the LOC will be rent a charter for the participants to transport the participants
   to our campus from the Centro Cultural de la Ciencia.

Where is our Campus located?


Our Campus is located at Los Polvorines, Buenos Aires.

The main access is located at Juan María Gutiérrez 1150, just a few meters from José León Suárez street, equidistant to routes 8 and 23 (ex202). At the intersection between both routes you can find General Lemos railway station, (Urquiza Line).



If wou want to go for yourself.

1) By car:

From the center of Buenos Aires the travel demands around 45 minutes. You have several options, but the two easiest ones are:
1) North access-route 23 to San Miguel until Jose Leon Suarez.
2) West access-Camino del Buen Ayre Highway-route 8 to San Miguel until Jose Maria Gutierrez.

2) Public Transport to San Miguel and Lemos Station:


  • 203 from Puente Saavedra
  • 57 from Palermo
  • 176 from Chacarita
  • 182 from Liniers, Villa Luro and Floresta

Metro and Train:

  • Metro Line B, Train Urquiza from Federico Lacroze (Chacarita) to Lemos.
  • Metro Line D, Train San Martín from Retiro to San Miguel.


3) Public Transport from San Miguel and Lemos to UNGS:


Line 440: (03) or (52)-

Line 501-

Taxi: Gral. Lemos station.

UNGS Bus: Free service between Lemos and UNGS Timetable



The last two days of the meeting, december 14 and 15; it will take place in Microcine of UNGS.


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